Frequently Asked Questions

What is Torqlub? Where did the Idea Originate?

Torqlub was founded off of the stance that buyers, sellers, and other parties should have full transparency over the way they transact their prized automobiles - in the most painless, safe, and quick manner possible. In turn, we built Torqlub, which aims to disrupt how these cars are currently dealt.

Why the $40K Minimum Value to List a Car?

There are very few platforms that cater to higher-end automobiles, making it incredibly difficult to transact them. Hence, our hard $40K minimum. As we scale, we hope to bring our proprietary tech to the entire car space - allowing a greater demographic to transact their cars with the utmost safety, flexibility, and most of all, confidence.

Do You Offer In-House Financing?

While we don’t offer in-house financial services, we regularly update our financing page with the most credible lenders for private-parties & dealers. As we scale, we plan to integrate our platform with soft credit pulls, automated loans, and other financial services to aid your search for your dream car.

What (and Why) Is There a Service Fee?

The service fee covers the external services that are offered, and allow for us to continue the platform for owners to use. For a breakdown on the fee, please see our Pricing page.

What Do I Do After I Buy/Sell a Car?

Absolutely nothing! That’s Torqlub’s ace. All you need to do is wait, for your Torqlub Agent will keep you updated on a car’s status, delivery, and finalization (or, if you’re a seller, when your payment will be sent to your account of choice).